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Top 5 Food Items Must Try in Hong Kong

One of the things that make Hong Kong a famous tourist attraction in Hong Kong food. Lively as the destination, the food in Hong Kong is equally toothsome and has an interesting flavor palette.

Here  the list of top 5 Hong Kong Food

Fish Balls: Fish balls are the most ubiquitous food item in Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong literally eat millions of savory, soft, delicious fishball snacks every day. It is a common food item made from the fish paste in China and neighboring areas. They are served either deep-fried or boiled in a crispy broth. The next time you are in Hong Kong, try these round delicious things to eat.

Dimsum: Isn't that why you have traveled to Hong Kong - the region is famous for making it delicious. If not, put it at the top of your priority list because that is how they are good. And, the best part is to choose from a variety of dim sum in Hong Kong. From chicken, barbaric pork meat to braised chicken legs, you get all the varieties inside. It is virtually the most popular Hong Kong food item.

Hong Kong Style French Toast: It is one of the most delicious things on the Hong Kong food list and you will find it on almost every corner of Hong Kong street. What distinguishes it from traditional French toast that it is deep-fried, slathered in fruit jam and combined into an indulgent amount of butter. It is best in Hong Kong with Dong Lai Cha, an ice milk tea.

Hot Pot: Exploring cuisine is one of the most interesting ways to learn about the culture and traditions of a place. More than a delicacy, Hot Pot is a tradition and a social event in Hong Kong where a family or a group of people gather around to dine. It is a Chinese cooking method containing a hot simmering pot in the middle with a variety of Asian food and ingredients.

Congee: Hong Kong has Comb Comfort Food for people. And, it owes more to its texture than taste. It is basically a fleeting rice porridge that comes in fresh fish, seafood and beef varieties. Oatmeal is kept on the boil from 2 o'clock in the morning and is more than enough to fill a person.

If you are a food lover who wants to try new things and expand your taste buds, then you will love to dine in Hong Kong. Whenever you plan a trip to Hong Kong, you should try all the authentic and unique dishes of Hong Kong cuisine.


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