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Festivals In Mauritius To Celebrate 2020

Everywhere in the world, Mauritius has its own traditions. The culture on the island is very diverse, due to several ancestors who visited or visited the island many years ago. The religions found in Mauritius are mainly Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions. Read below to discover the best festivals in Mauritius, we believe you will experience and celebrate in Mauritius: Plan your Mauritius Holiday Packages Thipposam Cavade: The Tamil community of Mauritius celebrates Thipposam Cavade, a festival celebrated in devotion to Lord Muruga. 10 days before the actual date, devotees will fast and pray with vegetarian food, which is up to date. In the streets, you will find "cavades", small temples decorated with flowers, taken to the temples. The famous seven curries are also cooked on this day. Celebration Date: 8 February Holi: Holi is a festival of joy and color that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this island nation. During the Mauritiu